The Whole Darn Family

This group emerged from Richmond, Virginia in the late 70’s and were managed, produced and promoted by August(Mr.Wiggles) Moon who ran an independent label called Soul International Records from a storefront in Richmond’s Southside District. This 8 song album has become a cult favorite due to the track 7:00 minutes of Funk which has been sampled by Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Foxy Brown, Method Man, Biggie Smalls and countless other hip-hop artist. The Lp is a gem to find for any top D.J., and a hunted collector’s item in the hands of D.J’s. from Hawaii to Paris, due to the tracks unlimited mixing possibilities. Vocalist Tyrone Thomas is also featured as a songwriter as well. The group in its heyday performed on the music program, Soul Train and toured the U.S.

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