“Get Together” by Della Reese
Download or stream "Get Together" by Della Reese on your favorite music platform with Amherst Records. Music licensing available.

“Get Together” by Della Reese “…Come on people now, Smile on your brother, Everybody get together,Let’s love one another…” When you need music with a message, turn to the wondrous Della Reese! Download/Stream: http://amherstrecords.lnk.to/DellaReese_BlackIsBeautiful

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“Under Wraps” by The Innocent Bystanders
Download or stream "Under Wraps" by The Innocent Bystanders with Amherst Records.

“Under Wraps” by The Innocent Bystanders “…we kept it under wraps, you said that, you said that nobody has to know…” We think everybody has to know about Steve Coogan and Hilary Duff’s 2009 drama comedy film What Goes Up! Check out “Under Wraps” by Buffalo-based band The Innocent Bystanders off the film’s soundtrack. Download/Stream:http://amherstrecords.lnk.to/VA_WhatGoesUpSoundtrac

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“Yesterday” by Marty Gold
Download or stream "Yesterday" by Marty Gold on your favorite music platform with Amherst Records.

“Yesterday” by Marty Gold “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away / Now it looks as though they’re here to stay…” We believe in Yesterday and we believe you’ll love this rendition of the classic Beatles hit covered by Marty Gold and a Moog synthesizer! Download/Stream:https://amherstrecords.lnk.to/MartyGoldBeatles

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“My Dream” by The Softones
Download or stream "My Dream" by The Softones with Amherst Records.

“My Dream” by The Softones “As my love grows, many rays of sun show…” Grow your work playlist with “My Dream” by The Softones for a song that isn’t about just any kind of love. It’s as beautiful as twinkling stars above! Download/Stream: https://amherstrecords.lnk.to/TheSoftones

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“Undisputed” by A Thousand Shades of Cold
Download or stream "Undisputed" by A Thousand Shades of Cold and Amherst Records.

“Undisputed” by A Thousand Shades of Cold “…and I don’t want to see another reason for this all, that you can’t save now…” Don’t look for reasons not to save “A Thousand Shades of Cold” to your workout playlist! This rock song hits all the right notes to keep you pumped from start to finish. […]

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“Night Walk” by Van McCoy
The Real McCoy features popular Van McCoy hits like Night Walk.

“Night Walk” by Van McCoy If we could travel back in time, it would probably be to see Van McCoy perform live. Embrace The Real McCoy and add “Night Walk” to your work day playlist. This song spent four weeks on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles in 1976! Download/Stream:http://amherstrecords.lnk.to/VanMcCoy_RealMcCoy

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“You Gotta Have Soul” by The Stylistics
You Gotta Have Soul and I'm Gonna Get You Back single by The Stylistics.

“You Gotta Have Soul” by The Stylistics “Without soul you’re nobody, without soul you’re nowhere, without soul you don’t have a heart, without soul…” you’re not experiencing those good vibes! Perk up your Monday Morning with “You Gotta Have Soul” by The Stylistics. Download/Stream: http://amherstrecords.lnk.to/TheStylistics_GonnaGetSoul

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